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Labour Hire Staff Australia Wide

Experienced Labour Hire staff for the Civil Construction, Rail, Infrastructure and Warehousing

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Labour hire and General Labour solutions that are fast and cost effective.

Labour hire staff solutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or regional Australia. Workfast Labour Hire provides professional solutions to civil projects, building and construction companies across Australia. Through Workfast Labour Hire technology, we are able to source the best labourers and tradesmen and women at the most competitive rates, creating efficiencies in recruiting and managing staff.

With our large database of vetted and screened Workfast Labour Hire workers, we can supply the perfect labourer or tradesperson for your project. We make the process of hiring labour as easy and simple as possible. Workfast Labour Hire takes safety and regulations seriously, we are compliant with Fair Work Australia and our rates include all worker overheads including; Payroll Tax, Worker Insurances and Superannuation.

Workfast Labour Hire software integrates with enterprise systems to create a platform to manage labour hire staff over multiple locations and flexible shifts. Custom workflow integrations with rostering, candidate search and job management for seamless management of staffing levels.

Workfast labour Hire workers are all skilled in labour hire areas including:

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Workfast Labor Hire Recruitment

As a labour hire and contract work agency, our mission is to find workers and help manage staff for casual, temporary, part-time and full-time positions within the labour hire and construction industry. Our workers are screened and vetted, and we make sure that each worker is the perfect fit for your business and company culture. Our services run the full gamut of a recruitment and labour hire agency.  We provide reliable, professional and effective workers to ensure you get the job done. Our personalised labour hire and recruitment service make sure that we find employees that are best-suited to what you require.


Labour hire

General Labourer

General labourers may perform varied duties at multiple construction and building sites. They may be jobs that require a worker to handle a large range of construction and building materials. Workfast Labour Hire general labourers may often be required to work outdoors where some of the tasks can be dangerous and require personal protective equipment (PPE).

Some day-to-day activities that general labourers may do include:
- Identifying lead plates
- Use hand tools, both small or large
- Comply with all safety procedures
- Dispose of waste material
- Movement of materials from one place to the next
- Cleaning and preparing machinery
- Traffic controlling
- Setting up markers, cones and barricades

skilled labourer

Skilled Labourers

Skilled labourers are the next level up from general labourers. They will have worked as a general labourer for 2 years before moving into a particular field that they would like to invest more time in. Aside from being the skilled person on site in that particular field that they have specialised in, skilled labourers will also have to assist in supervising general labourers.

Some day-to-day tasks that skilled labourers may do include:
- Dig trenches
- Install, repair and maintain signs
- Landscaping
- Services and makes routine repairs on machinery
- Operate motor vehicles



Scaffolders work alongside builders in the construction industry. Their role is to erect and dismantle scaffolding so that construction workers are able to reach the upper levels of a building site. For this type of work, most labour hire workers enter the industry as an apprentice or trainee. Workfast Labour Hire Scaffolders will have to be comfortable with working with heights and also require a scaffolding ticket along with a white card to work.  There are different levels of scaffolders which can range from; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Some day-to-day tasks that scaffolders may do include:
- Building stands
- Building tiered seating
- Maintaining scaffolding equipment
- Erecting temporary structures



Electricians work to physically install, fix, test, alter or remove electrical devices or wiring. The high-risk involved in working with electricity means that electricians need to be a qualified tradesperson and officially certified to work in the industry. The main labour hire industries that electricians are employed in are construction, manufacturing and mining.

Some day-to-day tasks that electricians may do include:
- Installations
- Tests
- connections
- Wiring
- Control systems
- Modifying systems



Workfast Labour Hire demolition workers have various roles and will work to manually take apart buildings from apartments to homes, large manufacturing buildings to any man-made structure. When the work becomes too large, demolition workers will make use of machinery to demolish a structure. These may include making use of explosives, bulldozers or jackhammers.

Some day-to-day tasks that demolition workers may do include:
- Moving material from one area to another
- Heavy lifting
- Jackhammering
- Heavy cutting
- Sawing
- Sledgehammering

concrete mixers


Labour hire Concrete workers are specialised in the areas of concrete mixing, pouring, spreading, smoothing and finishing of different structures that may include but not limited to bridges, walls, floors, stairs and ramps.

Some day-to-day tasks that concrete workers may do include:
- Pouring concrete
- Spreading concrete
- Smoothing and finishing concrete
- Mixing cement
- Formwork



Plumbers work in many capacities across different industries. Some of these include; the installation, maintenance and repair of open and underground piping. All Workfast Labour Hire Plumbers are fully accredited and licensed to work in all states of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

Some day-to-day tasks that plumbers may do include:
- Read and interpret building specs to map out piping
- Installation of pipes and plumbing fixers that may include: sinks, toilets, taps and other liquid distributors
- Assisting installing heating and air conditioning units
- Working alongside electricians, contractors, construction workers and pipefitters
- Complies with Australian Work Health & Safety standards
- Inspecting plumbing systems and identifying areas that need fixing or replacements




Carpenters work with timber to construct, erect, frame or fix structures. These structures can range but are not limited to stairs and windows to floors and walls. Workfast Labour Hire carpenters can also assist in the framework when it comes to carpentry. Workfast Labour Hire carpenters are fully accredited and qualified in all metropolitan states.

Some day-to-day tasks that carpenters may do include:
- Specifying and identifying requested materials
- Accurately measuring design specifications
- Working with flooring, skirting, frames, doors, stairs, cabinetry and other outfits
- Replacements and repairs of fixtures
- Using power tools to cut and shape materials
- Great communication skills with the construction team

Labour hire construction workers

Civil Labourers

Civil labourers with the experience to support any project. With pipe laying crews, pavement and footpaths, bulk and final trim operators that work on rail, roads and other private and government infrastructure projects. Workfast Labour Hire has fully trained, ticketed and insured civil labour hire workers that are ready to start. Civil staff come with RIW, Pegasus, Cat 3, medicals and full PPE.

Some day-to-day tasks that civil labourers may do include:
- Pave and maintain road surfaces
- Topsoil removal
- Dig up road surfaces
- Traffic controlling
- Construct and dismantle safety barricades
- Compacting and smoothing road surfaces

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Labour Hire Sydney
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Regional Labour Hire Australia

Labour Hire Qualifications:

Asbestos Ticket
Dangerous Goods Ticket
Traffic Control Ticket
First Aid Certificate
High-Risk Ticket
Riggers Ticket (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rigging)
Working at Heights
Scaffolding Ticket(Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Scaffolding)
Confined Space
Materials hoist
Forklift License
RISI (Rail Safety Induction)
Elevated work platform certification

Workfast has technology driven software solutions for a flexible On Demand workforce. Hire Workfast Labour Hire staff when you need them to supplement existing operations, move staff across multiple location and request staff using the Workfast administration system. Workfast Labour Hire can provide custom data analysis and reporting via your admin dashboard or fed back into your company HR or ERP systems.