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Boilermaker Job Description

A boilermaker will work to create industrial products and structures out of thick and heavy metal pieces which they shape, cut and join. Boilermakers may also use heavy machinery to pull and press metal. Other forms of manipulating metal may include welding and bolting. Boilermakers work all over Australia including the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart. Boilermakers will also work in rural and remote areas of Australia.
A lot of Boilermakers will work in workshops to pre-fabricate products before they are put in place on construction sites.

Skills & Attributes

– physical strength and fit
– technical knowledge
– attention to detail
– knowledge of tools and machinery
– ability to problem solve

How To Find Work As A Boilermaker?

To become boilermaker, you will need to complete an apprenticeship which will take up to 48 months to complete. These apprenticeships are available through high school as well. Depending on your projects and the level of Boilermaker you are, you may also be required to work with computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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