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Labour Hire Concrete Finishers

Job Description Concrete Fixer

Concreters construct and build concrete objects by mixing, laying, spreading, compacting and finishing concrete. The concrete finisher will have the knowledge to mix concrete included the different amounts gravel, sand and water. The concrete finisher will also be able to use a pump to pour concrete over steel reinforcement structures. A big part of their role is to assemble boxes for the formwork so that the concrete is in the right shape and form. Concreter fixers may also assist in rendering walls, swimming pools and other surfaces. Work for concrete finisher will usually be outdoors on building and construction sites. Workers may be working at heights or underground due to the nature of the work.

Skills & Knowledge

– fit and healthy
– enjoy working outdoors
– understanding of basic maths
– WorkSafe knowledge
– technical experience with concrete

How to find work as a Concrete Finisher

To work with concrete, you will not need any formal qualifications. However, to improve your job prospects, you must undergo an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will typically take up to 24 months to complete. Workers will need to be inducted to each worksite before the commencement of work. A White Card is also required.

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