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Job Description

A concreter is a tradesperson that performs tasks such as mixing, laying, compacting and finishing concrete for various work sites. Concreters are also responsible for preparing the framework that is used to help ensure that the concrete sets in the desired shape, and meets the size specifications. Concreters commonly work in outdoor settings on construction and building sites.

Education and Qualifications

Formal qualifications are not necessary to become a concreter in the industry. This is because the skills required for the role can be learnt through on-the-job training.
It may be beneficial to complete an apprenticeship as a concreter, as this may be more attractive to potential employers.

Depending on the state or territory you wish to work in, it may be necessary to acquire a contractor licence. Make sure you check the requirements of working as a concreter in you state

If you will be performing concrete work on a construction or building site, it is mandatory that you possess a White Card and personal protective equipment (PPE). These requirements for entering a construction site, help to minimise risks to your health and ensure your personal safety as well as others, while you work.

Skills and Attributes

To be a concreter, you must possess the following skills and attributes:

– Good physical fitness
– Good problem-solving skills
– Organised
– Good time management
– Attention to detail
– Focused on safety
– Team player

Where Can You Get a Job as a Concreter?

Concreting is a common part of construction work and concreters are necessary for the completion of the overall project. Concreters can also work on smaller scale jobs in domestic and residential areas. For example, concreting for gazebos, patios, etc.

What Can Workfast Do For You?

For Employers

Workfast makes it easy to find and hire concreters that are right for the job that you need to get done.  We specialise in sourcing workers when you need them, so we can help you cope with busy periods and ease the workload for your business. Workfast provides quality workers in all major cities (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin), as well as more rural and remote regions of Australia.

For Employees

Workfast is an OnDemand temp recruitment platform that minimises the stress of job hunting, by connecting you directly with work that suits your conditions and circumstances. All you have to do is build a Workfast profile and bid the hourly rate that you would be happy to receive. It’s too easy!

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