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Hiring Construction Labourers

Experienced Australian Construction Labourers

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Job Description

Construction labourers work in all aspects of the construction and building of sites. Constructions labourers take on many roles and can be the first to arrive at a new location and the last to leave. They can work on many different projects including anything ranging from and not limited to, homes and apartments, highways, confined spaces, sewer projects or bridges.

Skills & Attributes

– Physically Fit
– Eager to Lean with Manual Skills
– Follow Instructions
– Ability to Solve Problems
– Strong Team Player
– Working at Heights Ticket

Education & Training

There is very little education involved in becoming a construction labourer. Training with skilled labourers and learning on the job is key. Construction labourers will have to be alert and have good judgement, physically fit and in good health.

Where can you get work as a construction labour hire Rigger?

Construction in Australia is booming, and there is a lot of work for construction labourers. Most work is located outdoors and can be physically demanding. Construction labourers will work general eight-hour shifts, but overtime can be paid for extended hours. There are many construction and building companies that labourers can find work through but check out Workfast as a starting point.

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