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Job Description

Demolition workers perform tasks that involve a lot of physical labour. These Demolition workers are on site on construction and building sites and will start work to get a site cleared both with manual labour and labour that involved working with a machine. Demolition workers will remove and dismantle structures and materials from a work site. These materials may include but are not limited to brick, concrete, timber and metal. Demolitions workers can be found working across metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia ranging from the Melbourne CBD to Geelong to remote towns.

Education and Qualifications

There are different types of demolition workers. Getting started in the industry requires experience as a general labourer. There are no formal education requirements. There are some tickets that are required for removing structures. Some of these include your White Card, PPE and tickets that are related to removing hazardous materials including but not limited to asbestos.
For more experienced positions in demolition work, workers may be required to have formal education in Construction Management and at least 5 years experience in demolition. Construction Management degrees can include subjects as engineering, project management and analytics of geography and soils.

Demolition Work Licence

Each State across Australia has different laws to work in demolition. In NSW general labourers or construction labourers can work for a demolition company but workers are required to hold a demolition licence. There are two types of demolition licences – Demolition license and Restricted Demolition Licence.

Demolition Licence

This licence is required if you are planning on demolishing a building, structure or installation that involves making use of a; tower crane, floor piping, explosives. The licence also allows you to demolish buildings that are; over 15 meters in height, are chemically installed and any structure that is pre-tensioned or post-tensioned.
Restricted Demolition Licence
This licence allows the demolisher to work with any building, structure or installation that is between 4 and 15 meters in height involving excavators, bulldozers and cranes. It also allows you to work with load shifting machinery on suspended floors.

To find out more about Demolition Licences, click here.

Asbestos Licences

There are two types of Asbestos Licences. Any general labourer working in on a site that could be contaminated with asbestos should have an Asbestos licence. These licences are provided by offered by many national recognised organisations. Click here to find out where you can get your Asbestos ticket.

Class A Licence

This licence allows you to remove friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos and any asbestos-contaminated dust or debris (ACD).

Class B Licence

This licence is more common and allows you to remove 10 square metres or more of non-friable asbestos, like fibro sheets. Having a class B licence only allows you to remove the asbestos-contaminated dust or debris (ACD) that is directly associated with the removal of non-friable asbestos.

Where To Find Work as a Demolition Worker?

Demolition workers can find work at Workfast or in any building or construction company. A lot of demolition workers are contractors that work for themselves all over Australia.

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