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Labour Hire Metal Fabricators

Job Description Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricators will work t build metal structures. They will assemble metal structures by cutting and bending and manipulating the material. Some of these workers, depending on the metal, size and weight will work by hand while others will be machine operated. Fabricating metals can range from loose parts and metal frames to heavy equipment, handrails or stairs for buildings. Workshops are the norm for metal fabricators to work from however they may also work in areas as shipping yards, railways and other industrial areas.

Skills and Knowledge

– physically fit
– attention to detail
– technically able to work with machinery
– efficiency with tools
– patience for accuracy

How To Find Work As A Metal Fabricator

Metal fabricators will need to complete an apprenticeship which will usually take 48 months to complete. This time may be shortened if you start in high school with an industrial workshop class. Some skills and competencies may be awarded from either previous formal or non-formal training or work.

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