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Hire Construction Riggers

Expert and Experienced Constuction Rigger

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Hire Riggers

A rigger will work to assemble, install, secure and position attachments to cranes for heavy lifting. Labour hire Riggers are experienced in assessing and objects weight and size to determine how it can be attached an object can be connected and installed. Installation may be secured by cables, ropes, pulleys and winches. Construction riggers may find work all over Australia on building sites. These may range from small to larger locations in all metropolitan and rural areas of Australia. Having a white card is a must.

Skills & Attributes

– Excellent problem-solving skills
– Experienced in practical and manual skills
– Ability to work at heights
– Physically Fit
– A team player
– a consciousness of safety in the workplace

Where can you get work as a construction labour hire Rigger?

To start a career as a Rigger, you can enter the workforce through formal training with an employer, spending most your time to learn and experience practical skills. Through other verified providers, you may undertake formal training which will coincide with your practical work. After training is complete, you will be assessed and awarded with a nationally recognised qualification.
To get work, construction riggers will most commonly find positions on construction sites. Whether large or small, the rigger will work with a crane driver. This means that you will be working at heights and outdoors. As work is outdoors, most work is dependent on weather and will be cancelled if there is heavy rain or high winds. To find out where to find work, please visit Workfast.

Rigging Training:

If you are looking for rigging training look at constructiontraining.com.au

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