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Labour Hire Traffic Controllers

Expereinced & Qualified Road Traffic Controllers

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Labour Hire Road Traffic Controllers

Traffic Controller Job Description

A traffic controller is a person who works with stop and slow¬†bats to direct traffic on road projects. This person must be accredited and trained through each state’s transport and roads department. A lot of road traffic controllers will be on worksites that are partly closed to direct traffic. A traffic controller may work all hours of the day or night. The traffic controller must be able to assess and respond to changes in both indoor and outdoor environments while following Work Health and Safety and operational responsibilities.

Skills & Knowledge

– must be able to work in a team
– must have a keen eye
– excellent communication skills (verbal/non-verbal)
– be able to think on the spot
– must be reliable

How To Get a Job As a Traffic Controller

Road traffic controllers will require different licenses in different states. Most states will require you to be at least 18 years of age and hold a drivers licence. You will need to have also completed the individual states training modules. Most stats will require workers to wear PPE and have a nationally recognised White Card.

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