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Job Description

Similarly to a general labourer, a skilled labourer performs a broad range of tasks that involve manual work. However our skilled labourers are also able to perform more complex tasks that require more specific skill sets. For example, the operation of power tools and other machinery/equipment, the ability to perform minor mechanical repairs, the ability to operate various machinery, such as forklifts, and so on. Labour hire Skilled labourers are often required to work outdoors on construction and building sites.

Education and Qualifications

Skilled labourers are required to have completed an apprenticeship in the field. They are also required to have had substantial experience as a labour hire on various work sites.

The completion of a course/courses related to labouring, in TAFE or other tertiary education institution, is not mandatory but may increase job opportunities.
The following certifications, experiences and licences are beneficial to have, as they increase your flexibility as a labourer and may improve your prospects for employment:

– Forklift licence
– Scaffolding licence
Asbestos licences
Working at Heights Licence
– Experience in a range of hand and power tools
Driver’s licence
Other high risk work licences

Since skilled labourer positions are common in construction and building sites, it is mandatory to possess a White Card, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

A White Card (previously known as a Blue Card) is a certification that shows that you have undergone the OH&S General Construction Induction training course and understand how to work safely in these potentially hazardous environments.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is also required on construction sites, as it helps to minimise risks and keep you safe while you work. Click here for more information related to PPE.

Skills and Attributes

The following skills and attributes are necessary to work as a skilled labourer:

– Team player
– Physically fit
– Able to follow instructions
– Attention to detail
– Good problem-solving skills
– Good time management
– Proactive
– Good multi-tasking skills
– Flexible and able to apply skills to a wide range of tasks

Where Can You Get a Job as a Skilled Labourer?

Skilled labourer jobs are most commonly found on construction and building sites, as they require the completion of manual tasks and the use of various pieces of machinery and/or equipment to complete the project. Skilled labourers are able to work almost anywhere across Australia, as their range of skills makes them extremely flexible and adaptable to different work environments.

What Can Workfast Do For You?

For Employers

Workfast can provide your business with access to skilled labourers that are well-suited for the job that you need completing. This is done through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that you are connected with reliable and high-quality labourers. Also, since Workfast is an On Demand recruitment agency, we can help you fill last minute positions to help you get your project done efficiently and effectively. Workfast can connect your business with skilled labourers in all major cities (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin), as well as more rural regions of Australia. Workfast provides you with temp workers to support your business, when and where you need them.

For Employees

Workfast labour hire solution can quickly and easily connect you with skilled labour work that fits into your schedule, in a location that is convenient for you. With Workfast you are also able to set your own rate of pay and supplement your income stream with odd jobs. Workfast makes finding skilled labour temp work quick and easy.

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