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Labour Hire Sydney

Labour Hire Sydney for the building and construction industry

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Labour Hire Sydney and General Labour solutions for Sydney region.

What is Workfast Sydney Labour Hire?

Workfast Sydney Labour Hire is a technology-based On Demand Labour Hire company. Sydney is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and is currently undergoing some of the largest construction developments Australia wide. Workfast Sydney Labour Hire uses Australian developed technology to find and retain the most talented Sydney Labour Hire staff. Our software is designed to meet and exceed the high demands of the Sydney Labour Hire Market.

What does Workfast Sydney Labour Hire provide?

Workfast Sydney Labour Hire is providing employees to new construction developments across all of Sydney and NSW. These new developments are located in both metropolitan, rural and remote areas. All of our Sydney Labour Hire staff are fully trained, qualified and vetted.

Workfast Sydney Labour Hire is part of The Masters Builders Association. We have our EBA to make sure all of our employees are paid above the minimum wage and go home safely after work. 

Why choose Workfast Sydney Labour Hire?

At Workfast Sydney Labour Hire, we specialise in supplying labour hire for different industries including civil, rail, construction, warehousing, transport, logistics and office administration. We understand what you’re looking for and are able to connect you with the right labour hire employee.

Our labour hire staff will professionally represent your brand and values. Workfast Labour Hire Sydney’s approach to recruitment is to make sure that we connect the employers with the right employees.

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Sydney Labour Hire Staffing Solutions

Finding Sydney labour Hire employees can be a challenge. Workfast Sydney Labour Hire can meet your market demands and solve your staffing solutions. We have staff to cover all industries. Some of the staff that we have on our books include the following below.

Sydney General Labour Hire

labour hire sydney general labourer

There are many different types of general labourers. However, the most commonly referred to  Sydney general labourer is a construction labourer. Construction general labourers are required to perform carried tasks that apply to building and construction sites. The Majority of these tasks do not require any certificates or license unless it involves machinery. However, to get onto a construction or building site, you will need to have a White Card. To apply for a National Australian White Card please click here.

Duties & Obligations

Duties of a construction general labourer in Sydney may include the following:
- Cleaning
- Preparing job sites
- Moving objects
- Using tools such as forklifts, power drills, saws, pressure washers, spraying equipment
- Erect and remove structures
- Assist qualified tradespersons such as carpenters, masons or any other contractors


To be a General Labourer in Sydney you must be physically fit, have excellent coordination and must be able to endure hard work. When working in high-risk areas you must be in full concentration. Experience in using tools and machinery can further assist in moving forward in your career as a General Labourer.

There are no legal requirements to be a General Labourer in Sydney but while you are in high school you can gain experience in the general workshop, woodwork, metalwork, physics and maths.

There are labourers who assist in the removal of hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos and other chemical materials. These labourers require specific training and certifications.

Sydney Electricians Labour Hire

Electricians Sydney Labour Hire


Sydney labour hire electricians