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Hiring Skilled & Qualified Welders

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Hiring Welders Jobs Details

Welders with all sorts of metals to shape, joining and repair products and structures. There are many tools that welders use to join these structures and products together. Some of these techniques and equipment include hand and power tools, specialist welding tools and in come cases will need to make use of heavy machinery. To work as a welder, you may also be required to wear PPE, including leather gloves, helmets, ear plugs and breathing and welding masks.

Welder Skills & Attributes:

– physically fit
– practical and manual skills
– good problem solvers
– excellent hand and eye coordination
– patient and methodically approachable
– good listener and can follow instructions

Where Can You Find Work As A Welder?

To become a welder you will have to start off as an apprentice or trainee working closely with tradespeople to gain the skills and qualifications required to become an independent welder. There are VET programs which can be accessed through schools that can lead to apprenticeships and become a welder. The skills learned will be assessed and when competent, will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification. These skills can take anywhere from 42 of 48 months.

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