More Trains More Services

Sydney, NSW

Project Overview

Workfast has been working closely with partners on the More Trains More Services - MTMS rail upgrade. The MTMS rail upgrade is a 10 year plan rolled out by TfNSW to modernise the rail network across Sydney into the outer suburbs. $4.3 Billion is being invested into the More Trains More Services program with the aim of providing 1700 additional services across the rail network.

Workfast is providing rail safeworking staff to partners CPB and Lendlease for ongoing works and shutdown periods. we work closely with partners to ensure planning and delivery of safeworking staff is smooth and effective allowing for timely delivery of each section of track work. we have bee provising Protection Officers level 2 and Protection Officers level 4.

More Trains More Services Rail Upgrade:

  • Safeworking staff
  • Rail Labour
  • Rail Technicians
  • RIW Electricians
  • Protection Officer Level 2
  • Protection Officer Level 4

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