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Hire Retail and Sales Staff

Retail, Sales and Christmas casual staff who are passionate and knowledgeable.

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Retail and Sales Jobs

Retailing, sales and promotional staff can be difficult to hire . We at Workfast align you with our On Demand staffs that are highly motivated and reliable. We make sure that our workers are the perfect fit for your organisation.

Some of the areas we specialise in are:

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Retail, Sales and Promotional Staff

Retail, sales and promotional staff cover a large sector in the jobs market. A large number of operating businesses use these services to build their business and interact with their customers. Workfast offers a quick and easy solution to sourcing retail and sales staff for any business needs.

Retail Workers

Retail businesses provide a finished good or a service to the customer. Most commonly this would be through a shopfront or online store, however can it can also include kiosks, pop-up shops and services such as salons and rental facilities. Retail staff are then responsible for the entire process of selling and delivering the product or service to their customer. This includes logistics, retail managers, floor staff, sales and customer service. Workfast provides staff for all of these different services, who are especially valuable during times such as peak seasons, holidays, sick days, and during temporary events such as kiosks and pop-up shops.

Sales Staff

Sales are a crucial part of any business, and play a major role in getting a company's product or service into the customer's hands. Sales can involve roles where the customer comes to you, such as inbound calls or in a shop, or it can also mean going out to find new leads and opportunities. One common practice is for a company to carry out a campaign or promotion, and bring in a number of sales staff to help with facilitation and bringing in business. Workfast helps with supplying you quality, rated and experienced sales staff for outbound and inbound sales. The greatest benefit to employers is the ability to bring in sales staff On Demand,  to fill in when they are needed the most.

Promotional staff

Promotional staff and promotional reps are often brought in to help create awareness for a company or brand, promoting it to the public. Tactics can include guerrilla marketing, events, TV and radio, or handing out flyers and acting as brand representatives. Promotional reps are often in high demand, as companies are able to benefit from having a number of staff available for individual promotions and are able to see significant results from running different promotional campaigns.

The benefits of flexibility

The nature of work in this industry is such that it can benefit from using temporary staff. Whether temporarily filling in a permanent role, providing short term assistance, or even offering consistent support, having casual workers at hand is a huge asset. Company events and promotions alone are a significant contribution to the need for casual staff. Workfast specialises in providing staff for expo's and events, inbound sales experts, and staff to hit the streets to represent your company.

Types of sales and retail jobs

  • Promotional workers
    • This are workers who help with representing a company's brand, and bringing awareness to the public.
  • Retail management
    • Involves facilitating the process of offering a finished product to the customers, retail managers are experts at overseeing the entire process.
  • Retail assistant
    • Retail assistants are perfect at offering help and support at any stage in the retail process. They are experts in coordinating logistics, assisting with customer service, representing your brand in house, or working directly on sales.
  • Floor staff
    • They are specifically designated to representing your company on the ground, interacting with customers, answering questions, and guiding towards the sale of your product.
  • Sales staff
    • They are able to take a number of different forms, sales staff focus solely on selling your product directly to the customer. Inbound sales involves a heavy call center in the in store focus, while outbound can involve telly sales, promotions and sales people going out to hunt for business.
  • Customer service staff
    • The best way to get a sale is usually ensuring that you provide exceptional service. Customer service staff specialise in offering support to your customers. This can take place face to face, through chats online, or over the phone.