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Hire General Service Staff

We have an extended database of verified and skilled workers.

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Hire General Services Staff

Service jobs can be varied. They are often jobs that are more labour intensive and hands on, or require a particular set of skills. Our On Demand workers are experienced in varied industries, and are screened and rated so that when you hire them you know exactly who you’re getting. From general labourers to cleaning staff, there are workers ready to step in and help at a moments notice.

Some of our services:

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Service Jobs

Service jobs involve a number of sub-categories including specialty services, trades workers and holiday staff. For whatever services you may need, enjoy the flexibility of being able to fill it On Demand.

A general nature within a lot of industries, is that services can be varied and temporary in nature. Where as the common workings of a business are quite consistent from day to day, there are a number of tasks that might arise as a once off, or are sporadic and inconsistent. Take the examples of moving or renovating a workplace, finding security and chauffeurs for an event, finding workers to help during peak seasons and holidays, or getting new projects started. Most of these are On Demand services, and as a result it is often much easier to outsource them rather than hire internal staff.

Another benefit of outsourcing these tasks is that the people who are tasked with completing them are often experts in the services they provide. In some cases it is more feasible to find a way to carry out these services internally, however the quality more than often suffers, and regularly ends up taking longer and costing more in terms of extra resources. Utilising the help of an expert ensures that the job is done to the highest quality, while being efficient and speedy. Knowing that the person carrying out the task is an expert in itself is enough to instil peace of mind and confidence in the job being done.

Our list of general services

Machinery Operators

From forklift drivers to crane operators, our specialised machinery operators are able to jump in and complete tasks with the required skill. You can easily view their profile to know their experience and rating so you know who exactly you are getting.