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Temp Bar Manager

Experienced and trusted bar managers.

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Experienced Bar Managers

Welcome to Workfast, the fastest way to find temp bar managers for your business. Our bar managers are screened and given a profile outlining who they are and their experience.

Find different bar managers who are experts in managing staff, money control, stock management and creating delicious beverages.

We understand the difficulties in finding quality and trustworthy bar managers. Our profiles are geared towards giving you the best idea of who your temp worker is, their ratings on previous jobs, and their specific skills. View their previous experience as well to see where they have worked beforehand.
– Ensure drinks are maintained in good condition
– Stock ordering
– Recruiting and training staff
– Managing employees
– Rostering
– Customer service management
– Keeping licensing up to date
– Overseeing health and safety
– Bartending

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