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Workfast Temp-to-Hire Service

Temp-to-hire is a great way to try your worker before you commit to giving them a full-time role. By using labour hire you’re able to see if a potential employee is the right fit for your company culture. Temp-to-hire can quickly and efficiently identify if a worker can align with your goals, vision and personality. Try our staff before you commit to hiring them full-time. It’s guaranteed to save you time and money!

Some benefits of our temp-to-hire:

  • Get to know your employee before you commit to them
  • Have the ability to assess actual work load
  • Vetting candidates in real-time
  • Allowing the candidate to see if they are good fit for your organisation

Staff We Provide

  • Labour Hire
  • Mining staff
  • Resources Staff
  • Civil Labour Hire
  • Infrastructure Staff
  • Warehousing Staff
  • Logistics Staff
  • Rail Staff
  • Construction Staff

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