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Hire Event Staff from 1 to 200+ Workers

Experienced and reliable event staff for small or large events.

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Hire Temp Event Staff On Demand

Looking for staff for a particular event can be difficult especially when it’s a one off event. We have a large pool of On Demand talent ready to spring into action whenever you’re looking to host a large or small event. You can easily search through our database for experienced promotion and event staff.

Some of the areas in which our staff specialise in are:


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Temporary Events Staff

Whether you're running a private function or a large event, Workfast specialises in providing you with quality temporary event staff On Demand. One of the toughest tasks in running an event is often sourcing the staff that will be available to jump in and make the event a success. Finding the right staff for an event can either make or break the event and be the difference between a chaotic and fragmented mess to a free flowing and fun time. Staff become the point of contact for those attending your event, and are usually tasked with carrying out whatever is required to make it a success.

Finding temporary staff

Finding quality staff for events can be very tricky as the nature of work is very temporary. The process of hiring employees can easily become a long and drawn out process which can more work than it's worth, especially for a one-off event. Going through the entire process of creating a job ad, screening contacts of all types and backgrounds, and then following through with interviews and lengthy hiring processes can easily outweigh everything else that goes into planning and running an event. In putting up an event, the last thing you want to be doing is spending all  your time finding and screening the right staff, that time could be much better spent in planning and carrying out the event itself.

Because the process of finding, selecting and hiring temporary event staff can be so lengthy and time consuming, event planners often turn to agencies to solve this problem. Agencies often have a high number of staff at hand which they select to send out to different events. They are responsible for supplying staff to a number of different events, in this way, they are able to give their employees much more consistent work, and benefit from economies of scale when it comes to recruiting and hiring their staff. The major problem with using agencies is that their costs are heavily inflated, and the person running the event still does not know who they are getting, or if they even fit the role they need to fill. Many people end up being frustrated with using agencies as they don't feel like they are really getting the quality they pay top dollar for.

Finding quality staff for your event

When running or hosting an event, it is important to be able to find top rated staff, and choose who you would like to be able to work at your event. Rather than an agency simply sending through whichever staff are readily available, you can find it easy to select the workers that suit your event the best. Workfast allows for insights into a workers experience, ratings and profile, allowing you to get an idea of who you're hiring before you even meet them. Running an event can involve a large amount of planning with everything coming together at one time. In order for it to be a success everything has to be just right, and so finding quality staff that fit the specific roles you need and suit your specific event is of utmost importance.


Types of events staff

  • Set up and pack down staff
  • Catering staff
  • Wait staff
  • Bartender - bar staff
  • Hosting staff