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Hire temporary warehouse staff to help with the demanding and often fluctuation staffing needs of logistics operations. Warehousing operations need flexible staffing solutions to help with pick and pack, unloading, packing pallets, forklift operations and general warehouse duties. Workfast also provides Labour Hire to a wide range of industries such as construction, lanscaping, roadways and demolition.

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Warehouse jobs involve a number of different occupations within a large growing industry that is moving the world forward. Worker sin this industry can be multi skilled with packing, logistics, forklift and general warehouse experience.

The nature of work in this industry is often quite temporary, and the vast majority of it's workers are sub-contractors. A company in this industry will require skilled warehouse staff that can step in and fill the needs of fluctuation ins supply, manufacturing and logistics.

Temporary warehouse staff and factory workers can pick and pack and sort stock, load containers and ship products.