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Hire a worker. No extra costs.

We do not charge listing fees, success fees or sign up fees.

How It Works

Create a profile

Create a Workfast profile as an individual, business or company.

List a job

Post a job (Free to list), fill in the job description and location then set the hours required and a rate.

Choose a worker

Choose suitable workers from those that bid and negotiate a price on experience and ratings. Some workers are contractors and ABN holders (carry their own insurance) and some work directly through Workfast (fully covered as a Workfast employee).

Contractors can work for any rate of pay while Workfast workers must work for the award rates. All workers pay a service fee to Workfast which is deducted from the final rate, keep this in mind when setting the hourly rate. If you have any inquiries please call 1300 824 403.


Contractors or ABN holders carry their own insurance, please verify before they start work with you. Workfast employees are fully insured by Workfast.

Complete work and ratings

After the job is complete funds are released and you rate the worker. Ratings keep the Workfast marketplace honest. Please take the time to rate your worker, remember it is how they earn a living and you will help them gain future work.


Simply fund your Workfast account, at the end of each shift or task the funds are released on hours worked. It is that simple we handle all work with no extra charges other than the agreed rate with the worker.


Invoices are generated in the admin section of Workfast. They can also be provided by the contractor if you hired an independent worker. If the worker is a an employee of Workfast we will then provide the invoice for the work completed, which can be found in the admin section of our software.

Have more questions? Give us a call on 1300 824 403
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