The workplace climate is ever-changing. Both employee and employer are faced with many challenges ahead. To address these issues workplaces can anticipate the challenges by understanding them and implementing company policies and procedures that help handle these situations when they occur. Four challenges of the modern workplace are presented below alongside ways in which employers can reduce and address these challenges.

Challenges of the Modern Workplace 1 - Motivation and Productivity

We’ve spoken about it before and we’re going to do it again. One of the most important areas that need to be looked at is motivation. The motivation of employees will ultimately affect the productivity of your organisation. Employees that are not interested in their job role, generally are lacking motivation and this can lead to a decrease in productivity. Every employee is different, may that be of age, race or gender. There is not one solution that fits all moulds. It is imperative that employers tap into what motivates individual staff members. You can simply do this by asking questions or conducting simple surveys. Some of these rewards may be in a monetary form or extra time off work, vouchers or even autonomy in the workplace.

Challenges of the Modern Workplace 2 - Employee Interaction

Some challenges in the workplace include employee interaction. Living in an age where multiculturalism is the new norm and space is such a luxury, employees and employers are bound to step on each other's toes at some point in the working life cycle. Not all workplaces have this issues but for workplaces that require large teams working under short deadlines, personality or idea clashes are bound to happen. Workplaces can anticipate these clashes by getting to the root of the issue. These may be different but most of the time it is about stress. By implementing processes and training programs that help workers deal with stress can lead to a decrease in employee conflict.

Challenges of the Modern Workplace 3 - Diversity

Diversity in the workplace can be seen as a challenge for some organisations. Diversity within the workplace can foster new ideas and new ways of thinking that organisations can benefit from. Working in diverse teams can allow employees to gain different perspectives on problem-solving issues that may arise. Depending on the organisation, having a diverse pool of employees can be difficult to manage but once you have a smooth running machine the benefits outweigh issues that may arise.

Challenges of the Modern Workplace 4 - Working with Customers

Most of these challenges have been focused on internal issues from employee to employer or employee to employee. When you add to the equation customers, that external factor, you also add another level to the challenge of keeping employees happy. The majority of customers that are faced by employees will be pleasant and understanding, whether you have a retail, hospitality or any customer-focused organisation. However, there are customers who make life difficult for us. Although a customer is always meant to be right, to keep employees happy as well, it is important to empower your employees. This means creating company policies that you stick by with no exception. It is important to keep the customer happy but at some point in the dialogue, if the customer is wrong, then you need to empower your staff so that they are able to say no. the best way to achieve this is through training.

These challenges in the workplace are just a few to name. However, they are important for an organisation to recognise and address. By implementing policies and procedures that address these issues, you are able to create a better working environment for employees, managers and ultimately yourself.