Workfast Zero-Harm Policy

AS/NZ 4801 Workfast Safety Management System

Workfast Safety Systems & Standards

The Workfast team is dedicated to implementing a Zero-Harm Policy in the workplace. Safety is a top priority for all employees, co-workers and clients in all environments. Our internationally recognised safety management system ensures that all stakeholders operate in a safe and reliable manner.The Workfast Zero-Harm Safety Policy lays the foundations for all employees and clients to return home safely and injury free.Safety is always at the forefront of our company and is embedded in its culture. We understand that operating a safe work environment is closely linked to our clients business goals, and we encourage our people to actively participate in safety leadership.The Workfast Safety Management System is independently certified to international standards 4801 and is compliant with all Australian state and territory Workplace Health and Safety acts and regulations.

Workfast Safety Management System – AS/NZ 4801 Approved

  • Risk minimisation
  • Mitigates workplace lost time and workplace injuries
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Positive return-to-work outcomes
  • Site safety management
  • Controls and registers on potential hazards
  • Engaged and efficient employees
  • Documented safety management tools


Understanding that we operate in an ever-changing environment where we are connecting people, businesses and communities across Australia is very important. Workfast employees are involved in every step of the business process to ensure that we positively contributing to all clients and the communities in which we operate. To do this, we focus on our people, our customers, our communities and the environment to build an efficient and sustainable workforce for generations to come.

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