The world has shrunk and people are no longer bound by their geography. Hundreds of kilometres can be crossed in a few hours, allowing people from all walks of life to broaden their horizons and set-up a new life in a foreign land. Australia has been a popular destination for many migrants, with migration contributing almost 60% to Australia's total population growth. This has led to Australia having an incredibly rich multicultural society, as well as a diverse labour force.

Cultural diversity is a key ingredient to a thriving workplace, due to the different strengths, experiences and knowledge that each person from a different cultural background possesses.
Wholeheartedly embracing cultural diversity in the workplace, can significantly broaden the talent pool, boost opportunities for innovation, improve morale and productivity levels, and create a more agile company culture that is able to adapt to the evolving workforce and capture future prosperity. The 'melting pot' that is Australia's labour force, has opened Australia up to new business opportunities overseas and given us a competitive advantage in the global market. According to a study conducted by the Migration Council Australia and Independent Economics, by 2050, migration would contribute approximately $1.6 trillion to Australia's GDP.
The effective integration and management of cultural diversity, also allows Australian businesses to better reflect the customers they serve. Since Australian society is extremely multicultural, with almost 49% of Australians either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas, having a workforce that emulates this diversity will allow businesses to better understand the unique expectations and needs of different customer segments. This understanding enables businesses to efficiently deliver relevant and tailored solutions that have more resonance with their customer base.
With immigration only predicted to increase in the foreseeable future, embracing and learning to harness the full potential of cultural diversity will be a priority for management in a range of industries.

However, managing cultural diversity isn't without its challenges. Achieving a harmonious, multicultural workplace doesn't always just happen on its own. Cultural diversity needs to be actively nurtured and managed to ensure that it is beneficial for all relevant parties, and produces results.
One of the main issues that arises out of a multicultural workforce is also one of its greatest benefits, which is the inclusion of different perspectives, sources of knowledge and experience. The expression of differences, especially when misunderstandings occur, can result in conflict or tension that is harmful to morale, or unproductive. In order to reap the benefits that cultural diversity can bring, there needs to be a real commitment from management to build an environment that encourages inclusion, collaboration, open-communication and open-mindedness. Building a company culture that values diversity and reinforces the importance of constantly learning and adapting to the shifting cultural composition of the workplace, will help management prevent cultural misunderstandings and make the most of their diverse talent pool.

Cultural Diversity in Labour Hire
Labour Hire is in a unique position that allows cultural diversity to thrive, as labour hire agencies often deal with a range of industries and businesses with varying recruitment needs. Labour Hire agencies find workers for a variety of roles, from low to high skilled positions, in a number of sectors and industries. These positions are open to all and based on merit. If you meet the client company's requirements, then you will rise to the top of the candidate list, regardless of your cultural background. This encourages greater representation of different cultural backgrounds in labour hire positions, as everyone has equal opportunity to find work through a labour hire company. Labour hire agencies, like Workfast Labour Hire, value diversity, and nurture it through a very inclusive hiring process.

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