A strong team of relevantly skilled construction workers is desirable for every labour hire employer. The underlying question to the selection process, however, is how and why do employers select certain candidates over others? Inherently and professionally, what skills are labour hire employers more attracted to? These are the fundamental questions every candidate must ask, as the labor industry fluctuates in terms of the skills, experiences and qualifications that are currently relevant and in demand.

There is, of course, no doubt that construction jobs are on the rise with many current and upcoming projects in Sydney. With various state-led infrastructure projects commencing this year, and private sectors investing over $1 billion on construction (mainly residential housing in Sydney's CBD), it’s inevitable that labour hire jobs have increased in demand.

In analysing various applications for a range of construction jobs, there seems to be a common ground of what employers seek in potential candidates. These traits are a mix of personal as well as professional, with the ideal candidate possessing both.

  1. Electrical Skills

An extremely beneficial set of skills to possess are electrical skills. For many construction and labour hire employers, electrical skills are highly desirable as many projects and sites require their expertise. A recent study from Business Insider Australia determined that electrical foremen are some of the most in demand workers, due to a critical shortage of tradesmen with these specialised skills. Possessing electrical skills allows you to be adaptable to a range of labour hire jobs and be eligible for work on a number of projects, and earn a decent wage (approximately $100k per annum).

  1. Carpentry

Alongside having electrical experience, it’s highly desirable to possess skills in carpentry. The prospective list of desirable carpentry experience and skills are exhaustive; however, the main skills required for carpentry include mechanical skills, maths, critical thinking, attention to detail and strong communication skills. Skilled and lead carpenters are so high in demand on construction projects, as their finely tuned skill set enables them to execute a variety of tasks to a high standard.
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  1. Mechanical & Building Knowledge

Though it is extremely important to acquire the relevant qualifications and experience for a construction job, it is also crucial to have an attentive-eye with mechanical tools and understand the basics of building and construction. Throughout all construction jobs, the fundamental skills of knowing how to work on-site and efficiently use tools are highly desirable traits which labour hire employers seek. Very rarely will you see an employer hiring a labourer with no understanding of the tools on site. Skilled labourers should have the relevant experience in working with various tools, and basic machinery and equipment.

  1. Quick Problem Solving

It is common for construction projects to hit roadblocks along the way. A machine may break down, coworkers may call in sick at the last minute, or certain materials/tools may not be present at the site. For this, employers seek candidates who posses quick, efficient and successful problem solving skills. It’s crucial that you are able to demonstrate to your potential employer how you can quickly deal with a problem and gain a fruitful solution that is both efficient and easy. For employers, this is a vital skill in order to control expenses, stick to the schedule of the project and  free their time to attend to other matters, as they are able trust their workers.

Though these are the most essential skills which are favourable among employers, there are various more traits which are suited to specific jobs and therefore equally as desirable. As you consider this list, a helpful tip may be to review your resume, and make sure you’ve detailed the relevant skills (internal and external) needed for your jobs. It’s your prerogative to make sure that you highlight to your employer your most relevant skills, qualifications and experiences.

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