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Logistics, Airports & Ports

Workfast Labour Hire for Logistics, Airports and Ports ensures that all your Logistics needs are met. Our employees are equipped and experienced in ensuring that maximum productivity is met without compromising outcomes. Workfast’s Labour Hire pool of specialist staff means that we can cover any Logistics, Airports and Ports project. Industrial support staff through to security clearance and management level. Our specialist account managers have extensive industry experience in managing the staffing needs of warehouses.

Workfast Logistics, Airports and Ports Labour Hire Staff:

  • Large database of experienced Labour Hire staff
  • Staff for Logistics, Airports and Ports operations
  • Engineering, trades and general staff
  • Experienced machine operators, material handling and support staff
  • Supervisors and warehouse managers
  • Operators, processing, supervisors and managers

Staff We Provide

  • Warehouse Managers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Machine Operators
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Store Persons
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Factory Staff
  • End Line Operators
  • Dispachers
  • Pack Services
  • Airside Staff
  • Security Cleared Operators
  • ASIC Cleared Labour