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Tunnelling Labour Hire

Workfast labour hire provide experienced trades tunnel personnel for tunnel fit outs or crews running of boring machines (TBM). We provide a tailored service to suit our clients tunnelling schedules and staffings needs. Our commitment to health and safety, environment and quality allow us to exceed the demands of our employees and clients.

Workfast provides end to end solutions for Road, Rail or Infrastructure tunnelling projects from rail safety staff, TW labourers, supervisors and rail labour. Workfast can create safety schedules and the staff to supervise the project, allowing us to work closely with the PC for efficient management of labour hire staffing and tight deadlines.

Workfast specialist Labour Hire Tunnelling Staff:

  • Large database of experienced Labour Hire staff
  • Staff for infrastructure and tunnelling projects
  • Experienced CW1 to CW7 Labourers
  • Site supervisors and project managers
  • Trades, civil and rail construction staff
  • Machine operators, fitters and electricians

Staff We Provide

  • Site supervisors
  • Crew supervisors
  • Leading hands
  • Front end loader operations
  • Safety personel
  • Labourers
  • Electricians
  • TA's
  • Skilled labourers
  • TBM Fitters
  • TBM Electricians
  • D&B Fitters
  • D&B Electricians