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Job Description

Labour hire for general labourers provide a broad range of services that involve the completion of tasks that require physical or manual work. General labour jobs are usually completed in outdoor work sites and in most weather conditions. Some examples of roles that general labourers may be expected to fill, include farm hands, warehouse workers, construction labourers, removalists, etc. General labourers help to ensure smooth and efficient operations in a range of work sites. Workfast provides labour hire in the form of general labourers to all areas of Australia including but not limited to the areas of Wollongong to Sydney or Parramatta to Castle Hill.

Education and Qualifications

To become a general labourer for a labour hire company, formal education or qualifications are not necessary, as the role predominantly involves manual work and the skills required can be taught whilst on the job.

It can be beneficial to possess specific qualifications, such as a forklift licence, as well as prior experience, as it highlights your flexibility and widens the scope of tasks you are able to complete.

However, there are some mandatory certifications that are required if general labourers are required to work on a construction/building site.

White Card

A White Card (formerly known as a Blue Card) is a certification that proves the employee has completed an OH&S General Construction Induction training course and is able to work safely on a construction site. White Cards are nationally recognised, so once it is acquired, a general labourer will be able to work for any labour hire company in Australia. White Cards do not expire. However, White Cards do become invalid when the labourer has not worked on a construction site for two consecutive years. For more information on getting your White Card in Australia click here.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The nature of general labour work is very physical, it is compulsory that general labourers wear personal protective equipment. Labour hire companies have their general labourers on construction sites that can be hazardous, so PPE is required in order to minimise the risks to the health of workers and help keep them safe whilst on the job. Examples of Personal Protective Equipment include steel-capped boots, helmets, high visibility vests, face masks, safety glasses and so on.

General labourers may be expected to provide their own PPE, so it is recommended that they ask their employer what will and won’t be provided in order to ensure that no vital pieces of equipment are missing.

To find out more about PPE, Safe Work Australia is a great place to start looking. Click here to find out more.

Skills & Attributes

Even though there are generally no formal qualifications required to be a general labourer, it is important that the worker is:

  • Physically fit
  • Willing and able to work long hours
  • Able to work with others in a team setting
  • Able to follow instructions

Where Can You Get a Job as a General Labourer?

General labour is a sweeping term that covers such a wide variety of tasks, there are a number of opportunities to work as a general labourer in a range industries and locations across Australia. The most common sectors that recruit general labourers include building and construction companies. Warehousing is another industry that often requires the assistance of general labourers.

What Can Workfast Do For you?

For Employers Workfast is a premier labour hire company, that specialises in temporary staff and provides quality general labourers. All workers are vetted to ensure that you receive an employee that will be most suited to the role that you have specified and will help to accomplish the range of tasks that are required. Workfast provides the right workers when you need them. We cover all areas of Australia including the major Australian cities, metropolitan areas and rural and remote areas.

For Employees Workfast can quickly and easily connect you with a general labourer job near you. Employees benefit from sourcing their jobs through Workfast, as they can find extra work to fit into their schedules and choose the rate they wish to work for. Workfast is compliant with all National Employment Standards. We provide insurances to all of our workers.

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