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Total Staffing Solutions Service

Workfast total staffing solutions is an all encompassing implanted solution for your project. We work as a collaboration between your business, project and our expert team to find an end to end solution. By using our staffing solutions you’re able to manage the project while we manage the staffing to fit your requirements and company culture. Workfast can quickly and efficiently identify the correct package of staffing adhering to industrial agreements, negotiating a framework to allow the project to run efficiently and seamlessly aligning with your timelines, industrial agreements and  company vision.

Some benefits of our Staffing Solutions:

  • Managing adherence to industrial agreements
  • Research and planning for staffing the project
  • Systems and risks in staffing
  • Managing mobilisation and transport
  • Project timeline and programming
  • Complex management of rosters and scheduling

Staff we provide

  • Labour Hire
  • Resources Staff
  • Civil Labour Hire
  • Infrastructure Staff
  • Warehousing Staff
  • Logistics Staff
  • Rail Staff
  • Construction Staff
  • Complex Rail Solutions
  • Mining Staff
  • Safeworking Solutions

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