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Workfast Code Of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (the Code) is an important document which governs the behaviour of all Workfast director’s, employees and independent contractors (herein after referred to as “employees”).

The Code provides a framework of principles to be followed by all employees of Workfast Maintenance Services Limited and its subsidiary companies (herein referred to as Workfast).

Its aim is to ensure that in all work-related matters we display high standards of behaviour and comply with the group’s legal and other obligations.

It is designed to safeguard the interests of all our stakeholders, including employees, shareholder(s), customers and the communities in which we operate. The Code, which supplements Workfast’s Policies and Procedures, specifies that all employees will:

a) commit to the goal of zero harm; b) act with honesty, integrity and professionalism in performing their duties and in using Workfast information, funds, equipment and facilities; c) exercise care, empathy, fairness and consideration while carrying out their duties; and d) avoid real, apparent or perceived conflicts of interest.

The Code must be followed by all employees of Workfast, whether they are employed in a fulltime, part-time, temporary or permanent capacity, and no matter how they are deployed; be it within our own controlled site, a customer controlled site, a joint venture or an alliance. Please read it carefully, and if you have any questions please raise them with your manager, our chief financial officer or myself.

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