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Workfast Sustainability Policy Statement

Workfast’s Sustainability Policy sets out requirements for sustainability across Workfast.Sustainability is the integration of environmental, social and governance factors into decision making to maximize short and long term stakeholder value, seek competitive advantage, and contribute to safe and healthy employees, communities and ecosystems.

The Workfast Policyshould be read in conjunction with Workfast’s Code of Conduct, Procurement, Environment, Health and Safety, and Diversity and Inclusion policies. The Workfast Sustainability Policy applies to all employees of Workfast in all jurisdictions. Any employee of Workfast found to have breached this Policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

The objectives of this Sustainability Policy are to:

  • Focus Workfast's efforts on managing sustainability risks and opportunities, enhancing business performance and supporting the long-term interests of Workfast;
  • Promote a culture of accountability for sustainability outcomes and improve the sustainability knowledge and skills of employees;
  • Integrate consideration of environmentally and socially responsible sourcing and governance factors into Workfast's operating and procurement processes, and seek opportunities to collaborate with the supply chain to drive innovation and create mutual value;
  • Drive the efficient use of resources and continual innovation in the delivery of projects;
  • Support the adoption and delivery of appropriate industry rating schemes and standards that drive sustainability outcomes for clients;
  • Encourage initiatives and successfully deliver projects that meet client expectations, provide value for money, and leave net positive legacies for Workfast, our clients, users, the environment and communities;
  • Enhance Workfast's resilience to climate change.

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