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Workfast Drug And Alcohol Policy Statement

Workfast is committed to ensuring a safe workplace free from the effects of drugs and alcohol and maintains a Zero Tolerance culture towards alcohol and/or other drugs at the workplace. Workfast is committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers andmembers of the public by eliminating accidents, incidents, or injuries arising from the use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace wherever possible.

The objective of Workfast ’s Alcohol and Drug Policy is to ensure, as far as is possible, that workers are free from the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs when reporting for work and whilst at work. The focus of this policy is drug and alcohol use that affects work performance or renders a risk to the individual, other workers or the public. This policy is directed towards maintaining a satisfactory level of worker health, safety and work performance and addresses both the welfare of the individual and the health and safety of others. Although disciplinary action may be necessary, this policy focuses on preventative measures. Workers are required to present themselves for work in an unaffected state so that in carrying out normal work activities they do not expose themselves, other workers or the public to unnecessary risks to health and safety.

Workers who voluntarily seek help for drug and/or alcohol use/dependence will be supported in their attendance at Drug and Alcohol Counselling. Worker participation in such a program is confidential.

If a worker’s performance is repeatedly affected by drugs and/or alcohol use and if the worker has been encouraged to seek assistance but has failed to do so, Workfast may initiate disciplinary action.

A worker must advise their supervisor if they are taking any prescribed drug or medication which may affect their fitness for duty or work performance.

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