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Workfast Quality Statement

The Management of Workfast is committed to the delivery of works and services in compliance with quality requirements for all of the company’s activities.

To achieve this, we have several on-going objectives:

  1. Our continued commitment to the development of our employees’ loyalty, team-ship and skills. This objective will ensure that we enjoy our shareholder’s support as we serve to provide a healthy return on their investment together with our ability to maintain our technology in line with those of Australian and International Standards.
  2. To foster and build on our close working relationship with our clients, which provides understanding, trust and value for their investment.
  3. To continually improve the effectiveness of our Integrate Management System (IMS), and a commitment to comply with ISO 9001:2015.

To ensure that we are meeting our objectives, our performance is measured and reviewed in numerous ways including:

  • Quality – by measuring feedback from our customers and by recording customer complaints.
  • Delivery performance – by measuring the amount of late completions.
  • Costs – by measuring our production recoveries against our standard costs and by constantly finding ways to reduce our standard costs in order to continue to be competitive.
  • Non-conformances – by reviewing the number of non-conformances and the amount of reprocessing, we endeavour to improve our performance with reducing the number of corrective actions by implementing pro-active preventative actions.
  • Review – to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to ensure that our Integrated Management System (IMS) is effective, our policy is reviewed during our Management Meetings.

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