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Workfast Local Procurement Policy Statement

Workfast strives to continually improve the quality of our productivity, performance and services to enable continued growth in a competitive industry. Our goal is to have transparent processes in all aspects of our dealings with employees and clients, encompassing all issues pertaining to industrial relations. Effective client, people and project management is based on open, honest relationships and realistic negotiations that are beneficial for all parties.

Workfast aspires to be the most respected labour hire company in Australia by optimizing the value of in-country spending and assisting in the development of sustainable local businesses and communities. Our goal is to deliver labour hire services that are competitive on price and quality in a safe and timely manner to meet the needs of our clients whilst;

  • Providing transparent opportunities for local employees to secure work and, for local suppliers to secure contacts.
  • Maximizing contribution’s to Australia’s construction industry, to funnel back into the Australian economy;
  • Increasing use of local authorised distributors and agents of international companies, where a value added service is being provided;
  • Building the capacity of local companies and human resources to take advantage of construction industry spend and develop the collaborative partnerships between industry, NGOs, existing foreign and Australian registered companies.
  • Develop metrics, monitor and publish performance against strategic goals;
  • Continually striving to increase sustainability and the amount of expenditure on local companies;
  • Supporting community capacity building and partnering with local companies on a broader front with industry groups, NGOs, vendors and investors to develop long-term sustainable businesses;
  • Increasing Workfast’s awareness of goods manufactured in Australia and Australian service providers, to expand the local supply base;
  • Striving to increase the overall value of local spend on a year-on-year basis, and progressively artner with companies with a higher level of Australian ownership;
  • Effectively communicating achievements and opportunities with respect to the aims of this strategy.

Investment Agreement Commitment

Workfast will give preference to materials and goods made in Australia, and services provided by Australians, or entities owned, incorporated or formed in Australia. All preferences take into consideration safety, efficiency, and its economic sensibility, and, provided that such goods and services are equal in quality, terms, delivery, service, quantity and price to, or better than, goods and services obtainable outside Australia.

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